Cartoons (Six Shorts) (1974-5)

Cartoons: An Angry Dog

Cartoons: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Cartoons: Before the Fact

Cartoons: The Central Finger

Cartoons: Dawn Down

Cartoons: New York State Primaries

Cartoons: Still at Work

Coalfields (1984)

Chuck's Will's Willow (1982)

Demolition of a Wall (1973)

Down the Alley (2011)

I’m a Pilot Like You (1999)

Orchard - Market (2016)

Organic Afghan (1969)

Ornithology 4 (2015)

Rampla Juniors (2011)

Texas Farm Workers March for Human Rights (1977)

Touch Tone Phone Film (1973)

Tracy's Family Folk Festival (1983)

The Trail to Koskimo, His First Hunt, The (1975)

Tree (1970)